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Health with erryn

Hi, I'm Erryn!

I am here to help you embrace your best self by becoming the healthiest, strongest, and happiest version of you.

I help people who feel overwhelmed transform their mind and body, while still enjoying life’s pleasures.


About Erryn

Invoke the fire inside of your mind and body.

As a human movement specialist, qualified personal trainer and holistic health coach, Erryn leads with her heart. Through her scientific research, extensive skill-set, creative gifts, and pure passion, Erryn combines her strengths to inspire, support, and help others love their bodies, find their balance for a healthy lifestyle, embrace their power, and reach their fullest potential.

Build a strong foundation. Find joy in movement. Experience a whole new approach to total body training. 

Functional Training

Functional training mimics the way the body was designed to move and improves your body’s ability to work better as a whole.


Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance.


Mobility is the ability of a joint to move actively and freely through a range of motion without restriction or pain.

Holistic Health Coaching

I use a multidimensional, integrative, and holistic approach to help you reach your goals.

Let me help you find your balance.

I created Health with Erryn to help and empower individuals with their health, fitness, and wellness goals. There is so much information and misinformation out there on what it means to be healthy, how to get healthy and fit, and how to reach your goals. This results in individuals feeling overwhelmed and confused. And that is why I am here. To help educate and empower you on how to realise a healthy life and achieve your specific goals. I strive to help you feel energized, strong, fulfilled, and empowered. I do this by ditching diets and trends, and by showing you what is evidence and what will work to get you where you want to be. I believe I can help people experience wellness on a deeper level that allows for a more joyful and truly healthy way of living. This is because I have achieved this myself on my journey, and I believe it is my life’s purpose to help other people feel the same way.

Pricing Tables

Find the most suitable plan that fits with your budget and purposes. I offer free initial consultations and your first training class free to see if you like what I have to offer.

Basic Plan

Per Month
  • Includes free initial consultation
  • Monthly training programme personalised to you and your goals
  • You complete the sessions by yourself through the use of Trainerize, an app you can use at any time and anywhere.
  • Includes holistic health coaching (nutritional plan, healthy habits education and tracker, etc)
  • Includes daily check-ins
  • Includes supportive Whatsapp Group

Personal Training 1:1

Per Session
  • One-on-one sessions with me (in-person or online)
  • Includes free initial consultation
  • Includes holistic health coaching
  • Daily check-ins and support
  • Includes supportive Whatsapp Group